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Las Crónicas de Armando: Capítulo Dos

Our hero's journey continues.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

When we last checked in with the New York Red Bulls' wandering center back, he was doing what we all want to do: live. Train museums, contemplating freedom, and posing with chairs, Armando's soul is truly the soul of a poet and serves as our spiritual tour guide. We are merely passengers along for this beautiful journey on which he is leading us.

What has Armando experienced?

The Gym

Fitness is one of the keys to the many locks on the door that one must open in order to live a happy life. Stay fit, Armando. Work out your mind, body, and soul. Not for the Red Bulls, but for you.

Taking a bath

Our hero needed to relax after all of his tiring adventures, and there's no better place to relax than Aire Ancient Baths which promises "a space for relaxation, full of calm and serenity in an experience for the senses." Imported stone marble from Spain and candles are the ingredients for the recipe of pure bliss.

Dreaming and living

Sabemos soñar pero no vivir.

A photo posted by Armando Lozano (@armandolozano16) on

Caption: "Sabemos soñar pero no vivir."

Translation: "We dream but not live."

Truly inspirational words. I was so inspired by Armando that instead of merely dreaming about a bacon McGriddle from McDonald's, I decided to live and get three.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty


A photo posted by Armando Lozano (@armandolozano16) on

Does Armando think that this is the Statue of Liberty? Did he shrink the actual Statue of Liberty with his cosmic power and have it brought to him?

Finding beauty everywhere

Cosas del metro.

A video posted by Armando Lozano (@armandolozano16) on

There's art everywhere, one only has to look. Armando is looking, even in a subway station. Are you?

Visiting Google

Si me buscas,me encuentras.

A photo posted by Armando Lozano (@armandolozano16) on

Caption: "If you want me, you find me."

Our poet is also a comedian. For, you see, anyone searching for Armando could also search for him *on* Google. But anyone searching for him physically could find him *at* Google. Truly a joke that has more layers than a sock drawer.

Posing in the street in the sun

Me gustaron tus palabras porque me dejan sin las mías.

A photo posted by Armando Lozano (@armandolozano16) on

How often do you take the time to appreciate your surroundings? Not enough, I bet. Armando does, and deep down we're all striving to be a little more like him. We take pictures of the big moments in life, but not the small ones. Take a picture when you feel a moment doesn't deserve one, and you'll have fewer regrets.

(Please don't get hit by a car.)

Posing in the street in the snow

Bonita la vida.

A photo posted by Armando Lozano (@armandolozano16) on

Caption: "Bonita la vida."

Translation: "Nice life."

Is there anything better than standing in the middle of the street during a snow storm? A nice life, indeed.

(Please don't get hit by a car.)

Declared his love

I love New York.

A photo posted by Armando Lozano (@armandolozano16) on

Caption: "I love New York."

And New York loves you too, Armando. New York loves you too.

(Please don't get hit by a car.)

What's next for our hero?

The MLS season is starting soon, but the season of life started for Armando a long time ago and will continue to be played. Tune in next week for the newest of installment of Las Crónicas de Armando.

Where will Armando go next on his journey? When will you begin your own journey?