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RBNY 2015 Season Preview: A Look the Forwards

We don't have many non-midfield forwards. Let's look at them.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So now that we have a season (mixed feelings about that from the Once A Metro staff bee tee dubs), I guess it makes sense to look at our forward(s).

Anthony Ali did a great job at previewing our midfielders, and included Sal Zizzo, Mike Grella, and Lloyd Sam, all of whom I was going to put in this preview. So I guess thanks for making my job easier.

So, uh, who's left...?

Bradley Wright-Phillips

What's not to love about BWP? He scores goals. He's got a BEAMING smile, and can I just say again he scored a lot of goals?

So we've got a great striker. He got a fat Designated Player contract as a result of his TWENTY-SEVEN goals last season. That seems like a lot? It is a lot.

Why do I keep reiterating that? It's making a very uneven article, Aaron.

Well I've been trying to avoid the elephant in the room. Thierry Henry is gone.

APPARENTLY to some fans Thierry Henry was the sole reason for BWP's massive success last year. Well I don't buy it. The guy was super efficient, and will most definitely score goals without Henry perfectly placing them in the box exactly where Bradley Wright-Phillips just happened to be standing. Every. Singe. Time.

Season prediction: 18-21 goals.

Anatole Abang

He may or may not have signed. He's 18. He plays striker. He's from Rainbow Sports Investments. They're interesting.

Season prediction: 5 goals, because WHY NOT?

Mike Grella

Grella had a hell of a preseason, and earned a contract with your New York Red Bulls. Grella has never played in MLS and was in the North American Soccer League last year.

He's also been in a lot of the lower leagues of England. Look BWP followed a similar path and scored 2 goals in his first year of MLS. Grella should hopefully match that. He may play some left mid, he may play striker. We don't really know. There aren't many strikers outside BWP on this roster.

Season prediction: 3-5 goals, because Lester Townsend says "anyone can score in MLS."

Peguy Luyindula

Peguy is a crafty veteran at this point and can easily slide in as a false nine. He's really good at scoring goals and getting behind the defense even at the age of 35. Watch this:

Not many players in MLS can do that, let alone a 35 year old.

But, Thierry!

Peguy Luyindula is probably the second best striker on this squad. That's weird to think about.