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New York Red Bulls own New York & New Jersey, on Facebook

According to FOX Sports, The Red Bulls have the most fans in the area, on Facebook anyway.

Fox Soccer/Facebook

FOX Sports teamed up with Facebook to look at the number of followers each MLS team had. To collect the data, they used likes of each team's official page and using that determined which team was the dominant team in each state. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the New York Red Bulls have the most Facebook fans in the states of New York & New Jersey.

The addition of New York City FC will of course change those stats at some point in the future, but for now, the Red Bulls seem to own the two states.

Additional images were provided to break down California and Texas by county given the multiple teams in both of those states,

FB Map - Cali

FB Map - Texas

Once a Metro asked for a similar breakdown of the states of New Jersey and New York. We will update this story if we receive any additional information.