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I will miss you, Peguy Luyindula

What do you do when your heroes go away?

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Peguy Luyindula,

Please don't retire.

Well, if you really feel that this is the right move and you know it's time, I mean really know, then retire. But if you truly are on the fence, please, please stick this season out.

Right now, despite having an overabundance of central midfielders, the Red Bulls don't have an overabundance of experienced central midfielders.

Peguy, even at the ripe old age of 35 you are one of the most talented footballers on this team, and easily are a mentor to anyone that walks in the locker room door. Your career has won you Titles and Cups in France, and the first trophy in the Red Bulls' history. The organization may be trying to move on from that team, but you still will play a role.

Your creativity is unmatched, and despite not being a starter there will be times when the Red Bulls need you as their "10," more than ever. The "energy drink" offense needs someone that can carry the ball, take three defenders with them, and then find the open man who can score or set up an unmarked attacker for a goal. The way you can protect the football is hard to find in MLS, let alone for someone at your age.

I know this is a personal decision, and this letter is probably in vain. That's what makes it the hardest for me.

Peguy, you're the reason I didn't give up on this team. I was more of a casual fan from 2011 to 2012, and adding another team that I knew was only going to break my heart seemed like a dumb decision. Then, the 2013 season happened, and you caught fire at the end of the year.

I don't think the Red Bulls win the Supporters' Shield without your contributions towards the end of that season, and your ability to enter a game in the 75th minute and compose a win was fun to watch. It was probably the second most fun I've ever had watching sports (the 2006 Mets regular season will probably remain number 1 in my heart for a long while, sorry dude).

This past season you scored the third most goals for the Red Bulls, including three in the MLS Cup playoffs. You and Bradley Wright-Phillips (and I guess with the help of that guy Thierry Henry) brought us within one goal of getting the right to lose to the LA Galaxy in MLS Cup. Once again, you made watching the Red Bulls fun.

Peguy, I hope you do what makes you happy. I would have liked you to appear in a match this season so I could justify buying a 2015 Red Bulls kit with your name on it, but this is your decision and I hope you do what is best for you. No one can take that away from you.

If this is the end, then it was the best ride you could have given us. Enjoy yourself Peguy. You've earned it.

Merci pour les souvenirs. Ils dureront toute une vie.

With Love (and videos),
Aaron Bauer