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MLS Goal of Week 1: Vote for Lloyd Sam!

One shot on target, one goal, one Goal of the Week nomination: Lloyd Sam is nothing if not efficient.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

First game of the season and Lloyd Sam has already laid down a candidate for goal of the season. Vote for Lloyd!

If you missed it, it was set up a by a dainty touch with his left foot - not quite the patented "Lloyd Sam chop", but in the ballpark - that bamboozled Matt Besler and opened up just enough space for him to thrash the ball into the net from outside the box.

Sam was little disappointed at the end of the match, in common with many of teammates, since a point against 10 men will tend to feel like a missed opportunity.

So cheer him up by voting for his magnificent goal!

Yes, there were other goals scored this weekend. Yes, a few of them are also goal of the week contenders. Satisfy your insatiable lust for fairness here...

...and NOW you can vote for Lloyd Sam! (By which we mean click on the link and then vote using's handy form)