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Vote Robles: MLS Save of Week 6

Still time to give Luis your vote this week...

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Did you vote yet? Say what? For Luis Robles, goalkeeper for the New York Red Bulls. He's up for MLS Save of Week 6. Did you vote for him?

If you haven't, and it is still Thursday, April 16: vote now!

This is the fourth nomination for Robles in this season's Save of the Week competition. He has been nominated after every game he's played so far this year, because he is a very good 'keeper and because RBNY's defense still has some kinks to work out.

This week's effort is illustrative of both those points: Matt Miazga and Chris Duvall have a brief chat in the middle of the field, decide neither particularly wants to clear the ball in front of them, and Chris Rolfe takes off for goal with no one to stop him. No one but Robles.

You wouldn't have blamed the 'keeper if Rolfe had scored on that occasion. And there is only Robles to thank for the fact the shot didn't hit the net. Miazga and Duvall get to spend a week in training working on communication; Robles gets a SotW nomination.

Vote for him!

Yes, there are others in the running. Yes, those others include Ty Deric, winner of three of the five weekly votes decided to date.

But Once A Metro only has eyes - and clicks - for Luis Robles.

Vote Robles! (Quick - before time runs out.)