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Luis Robles did not win MLS Save of the Week...again

Robles didn't win SotW? It must be Friday...

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Consistency is a prized quality in professional soccer players (fortunately, not so much in non-professional blog writers, amirite?), and Luis Robles is one of the most consistent professionals the New York Red Bulls have ever been sufficiently fortunate enough to acquire.

He has been RBNY's starting 'keeper in MLS since September 29, 2012: a streak of 76 consecutive MLS regular season matches that (we hope) should be extended to 77 against San Jose Earthquakes this week. (Today, in point of fact.)

And he's been nominated for MLS Save of the Week every time he's played a game in 2015. Of which weekly online votes he has won none. Consistency isn't flashy.

Robles latest not-win of MLS Save of the Week is his most convincing not-win to date: he finished fifth out of five nominees with 11.55% of the vote. Nick Rimando picked up his second SotW accolade of the season to date.

Next time, Luis. Next time.