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Predictions: New York Red Bulls vs San Jose Earthquakes

How will our staff predict this? Can anyone get it right?

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Aaron Bauer: 2-1 loss

Keep the loss train coming. This team is actually bad and everyone's optimism is for naught. Good things don't exist in sports.

Anthony Ali: 2-1 Win

The Red Bulls are arguably the hottest team in MLS right now and they have an impressive home record, having won 10 out of their last 12 at Red Bull Arena. I don't think the Quakes will be able to contain an improved New York side, especially given Lloyd Sam's current form.

Austin Fido: 2-1 Loss

I don't think I've got a prediction right so far this season. Hoping that streak continues.

Frank Maduri: 2-0 Win

I think the Red Bulls will get a shutout at home largely due to stellar plays by Robles and the relentless pressure that the RBNY midfield will keep on the Quakes. I know that Bingham is a solid keeper and I respect San Jose as an improved side overall from last year, but I think Dax can mark up and hold off their attacking players. I also believe that the Quakes have no defensive answer to Sam or BWP. The first of the 3 match home stand will go to New York.

Jason Iapicco:  2-0 Win

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JasonRBNY: 3-2 Win

I don't know if this is the Red Bull Blueberry talking, but I feel very up-tempo about this week's match. Up-tempo in two ways, however: our up-tempo attacking prowess, and my personal up-tempo blood pressure as our defense is tested tomorrow. My doctor says I should be less up-tempo in that department, but what does that quack know? I'm prescribing a 3-2 Red Bulls victory and 2 Premio sausages.

Let's Play FIFA: 4-0 Win

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Lester Townsend: 4-3 Win

It's 43 degrees outside right now. Does that mean something? No. It means EVERYTHING. And since you should always bet on the Red Bulls at home, clearly they're the 4. San Jose, the away team, gets the 3. I interviewed for a job at Google once. I didn't get the job. I hope San Jose loses so badly that they disappear from the map and take their stupid world's largest bar with them.

Matt Coyne:

No prediction submitted.

Patrick MacDonald: 2-1 Win

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RBR Guest - Frank Giase: 2-2 Draw

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Robert Celentano: 2-1 Win

San Jose are currently 3-3, with their most impressive of victories being against the Seattle Sounders in week two with a 3-2 scoreline. Yet with this, I see RBNY leaving the pitch after 90' with a 2-1 win (how original of a scoreline, right?). Although New York didn't look too good against DC last week, they were able to escape with a 2-2 draw as I predicted. So, if they are able to play terrible and still come out with a point, I think if they play well against San Jose they can leave Red Bull Arena with three.

Shiloh Grayson: 3-1 Win

RBNY will be inspired by the three-game home stand as well as Autism Awareness Night.  They will take it to San Jose.  In its jubilation, though, they will lose focus and concede one.  But, the Red and White will recover and take this easily.  And, hey, did you know Nikki Sixx is from San Jose?  And for that, they should lose.  He is aggravating.

Steve Toto: 2-1 Win

San Jose doesn't have the chops and physicality to throw off the RB midfield.  DC was close, but they couldn't do it for 90 min and RBNY took advantage.  Yeah, Wondo or Alashe will put one in, but there is no reason that leads me to believe that the Red Bulls don't use the same weapons they have in the previous four games to get the win over San Jose.

Truman: 3-1 Win

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