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Rumor: Miroslav Klose to Brazil or MLS. Or Aston Villa. Or Tottenham Hotspur.

Sao Paolo is interested in Miroslav Klose. Are you?

Looks good in Red Bull red, no?
Looks good in Red Bull red, no?
Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Miroslav Klose could return to the country where he set World Cup records.

Brazilian side Sao Paolo is reportedly interested in signing the German striker after his contract with Italian side Lazio expires in June.

Fox Sports Brazil reported the rumor from Italian Newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport. For its part, Sao Paolo has denied interest due to Klose's wage demands.

However, when asked about the interest, President Carlos Miguel Aidar tricolor said Klose is not foreseen. "It is out of the question, does not concern us." The representative emphasized that the club's finances do not allow investment, which is considered high. Currently, the player earns just over US $ 500,000 per month.

If Sao Paolo is out of the question, could Klose finally make a move to MLS? Two clubs were after the striker this past May, and German newspaper Bild reported that Klose had an offer from MLS in January.

Klose will not return to the Bundesliga. This is not a decision against Bremen, but against the league.

Instead, a change in the US is a possibility. The MLS is irritating Klose , who still fancy football has.

Columbus Crew bore the brunt of the speculation in the last transfer window; it remains to be seen whether the same team gets mentioned should MLS rumors continue to follow Klose as he seeks to continue his career beyond the current Serie A season.

But someone is doing a good job of making the market for Klose's services appear crowded: Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur have also been sucked in by the rumor mill.

The market for Klose may yet heat up even more: he has scored six times for Lazio since the beginning of March. He will turn 37 in June, but double-digit goal tallies in top European leagues have a way of attracting attention. We may not have heard the last of Klose with regard to a move to MLS.

Should the Red Bulls target Klose this July? Do you even think he'll come to MLS? Is Sao Paolo a nice city, or is Rio de Janeiro better?