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Recap: New York Red Bulls 0 - 1 Richmond Kickers

The less said the better.

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

New York Red Bulls II lost, 1-0, in a closed-door match to the Richmond Kickers. New York Red Bulls II drops to 1-2-2 on the season and Richmond is 3-0-2. The Wiz remains undefeated.

Brian Ownby drew and converted a penalty for the Kickers. Anyway, other than nothing, what'd we learn?

High pressure is working

The high pressure system (high pressure? high pressure. high pressure!) is working at the MLS and USL level. The Red Bulls strikers and wingers were able to force multiple apple turnovers and turn them into scoring opportunities. Manolo Sanchez is particularly good at anticipating passes and making interceptions. However, the high pressure was for naught because...

Finishing is still lacking

The Baby Bulls arguably dominated play, but were unable to score. Sometimes they aren't making the final pass, other times they're not putting the ball on net. What's the solution? I don't know, maybe a camping trip or something so everybody gets on the same page. John Wolyniec takes out the guitar and leads everybody in a singalong. Ibrahim Sekagya tells ghost stories. They roast some marshmallows and boom! Multiple goals next match.

Ouimette impresses

The Canadian center back is playing well. Don't really have much on this.



This is awkward.



Oh, right! He actually had the Bulls' best opportunity to score. For some reason he was in the 18 and managed to create a ton of space for himself with a cutback, but unfortunately his shot was blocked. Better luck next time, KO!

Other thoughts

- Did you ever watch a match and not realize that it was already the 85th minute?

- Pretty sure that's Castano's second conceded penalty in as many games for the youngster. This is a learning process and please don't make any judgments yet.

- I don't know. I'm sure we learned something else.

- Pizza is pretty great.

- Hey, one more home game until we play at Columbia!

That Bauer kid will be around with a full recap at some point. He's currently applying for a job with some guy named Joseph Kony. I don't know what that is, but he seems very excited about the opportunity.