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Soccernomics' Stefan Szymanski: Donny Osmond Was the Best ‘Pyramid’ Host

He's gone too far.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

In a shocking new blog post that has the American soccer and the game show online communities up in arms, Soccernomics co-author Stefan Szymanski states that Donny Osmond was the best host of Pyramid, the long-running television game show formerly known as The $10,000 Pyramid.

"Whilst Dick Clark is the obvious front-runner, extensive research reveals Mr. Osmond’s pep talks in the Winner’s Circle, his boyish good looks, and infectious humor make him a clear winner," the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor economics professor wrote.

He added, "Like many economists, I've been a bit of a party-pooper, pointing out for years that Dick Clark, John Davidson, and Bill Cullen really should stick to more unlettered television game-shows like Family Feud or Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?"

Taylor Twellman, ESPN Soccer Analyst, was clearly incensed and tweeted his response.

Not one to be left out of this sort of discussion, Twellman's former podcasting partner and noted unicycle enthusiast Alexi Lalas fired off a feisty call to action.

Once a Metro reached out to noted game show historian Ted Westervelt for his educated opinion on the matter but received no comment.

Who is the best host of The Pyramid? Are you #TeamDonny, #TeamClark, or #TeamSomeoneElse?

[this post is satire.]