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Rumor: Red Bulls to face Manchester United, PSG in ICC

Some big name opponents are lined up, or are they?

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Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Former NY Times Staff Editor Jack Bell has some connections in soccer, so when he says something about the International Champions Cup that the New York Red Bulls will play in this summer, he's probably right.

Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain are big name opponents and should provide good competition for the Red Bulls starters & reserves. The question remains where the matches will be played. Dave Martinez at Empire of Soccer reported last week that multiple matches will be played at Red Bull Arena, but his source indicated that Manchester United at Red Bull Arena was not among them. It would appear that PSG (and the other opponent) would most likely be hosted at Red Bull Arena but Manchester United could possibly be hosted at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.

EOS has learned "multiple" ICC matches will be taking place at Red Bull Arena. Sources originally said the Red Bulls were aiming for a home match against Manchester United, but that option has been tabled.

The thing that doesn't make sense in all of this though, Manchester United supposedly wants to play on the West Coast  only this preseason.

The West Coast is reportedly van Gaal's preferred base for his Red Devils, as he seeks to avoid the cross-country tour that saw United in Carson, Denver, Landover, Ann Arbor and Miami Gardens.

That is taken from an April 9th piece at Pro Soccer Talk which discuses Man United wanting to limit travel this year. That report states that United manager van Gaal got his wish and the team won't be travelling outside of the West Coast.

So now the question is which report is right? Bell is backed up by Martinez's report but Pro Soccer Talk relies on The Telegraph. We'll have to wait until next Tuesday, the 28th, to know for certain. Either way, big name opponents are going to be around Harrison this summer.