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Report: Liverpool defender Kolo Toure to join New York Red Bulls

It's The Mirror, so take it for what it's worth.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Daily Mirror, everyone's favorite English tabloid, is reporting that center back Kolo Toure is set to join the New York Red Bulls. The Red Bulls "have now said they are ready to hand [Toure] a deal until 2017."

A source close to Toure said: "New York Red Bulls have made an approach for Kolo. Once the time comes, we will decide what is best for him."

Would Kolo Toure be a designated player? Franco Panizo of Soccer by Ives reported today that the Red Bulls are "still unsure as to whether they'll add a designated player this summer." Jesse Marsch claims that the club is still evaluating.

Maybe the Red Bulls have finished evaluating and decided on Toure or perhaps the Ivorian defender (and brother of Yaya) is attempting to use the tried and true method of raising his asking price by claiming vague interest from MLS. The Red Bulls currently have five center backs on the roster, so fans would be fair to question the necessity of the acquisition of another.

Toure, 34, has spent time with Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool. He retired from the Ivory Coast national team in February after an international career that included 118 caps and two World Cups. He also was alleged to be carrying on an affair with a local woman after claiming to be a car salesman.