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LINEUP PREDICTION New York Red Bulls vs LA Galaxy

The entire left side is in flux.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

These past couple lineup predictions have been tricky. Two matches ago, I was one player off. Last week, I was two players off. This week... who knows? At this rate, Luis Robles will sub out and Gianluigi Buffon will step into goal. Juan Pablo Angel will pen a one-day contract. Zlatan Ibrahimovic will make a surprise signing with the club, followed by netting a 90th minute scorpion kick. Gennaro Gattuso will come out of retirement and fill in for Perrinelle, before realizing he wants to coach an MLS squad. Wait, the second part of that last one might have some substance *cough, cough*:

Anyway, my lineup prediction for today's match is below. The usual suspects are included: Wright-Phillips, Kljestan, Sam, McCarty, Martins, Duvall, Miazga, Perrinelle, and Robles. Also as per usual, the same two positions are up for grabs: left back and left wing (basically, attacking LM). Will this week finally be the week I make a perfect lineup prediction?

Roy Miller, the Costa Rica left back is no longer being held out due to injury. But will he start? With Kemar Taxi Lawrence doing such a great job on the left side of the pitch, can Miller's experience get him inserted back into the lineup? In my opinion, Lawrence has been a virtually perfect substitute for Roy Miller. As New York are still undefeated, why fix something that's not broken? For this reason, I see Lawrence being named to the Starting XI tomorrow. Though if New York suffer a loss or Lawrence doesn't have the best of matches, I see Miller reinserted into the lineup against Colorado.

For the Grella/Zizzo decision at left mid: Mike Grella played a great match against San Jose. In fantasy, he raked in 7 points after scoring a well taken goal off a Lloyd Sam cross. Grella has been playing quite well lately, as both a substitute and a starter. Can Marsch really not start someone who has scored in 2 of his last four matches? It's hard to argue against starting a player who scores 50% of the time he steps on the field. Jesse Marsch is going to want to have as many goal scoring opportunities against LA as he can fit on the field, Marsch will undoubtedly go with the hot hand and start the Long Island native.

The match kicks off at 5:00 PM EST in Red Bull Arena. You can watch on ESPN2 or ESPN Deportes.

Also, check out ex-New York Red Bull Tim Cahill scoring his first goal for his new club Shanghai Shenhua. I want one of those Cahill kits:

Who's in your Starting XI for tonight's match?