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Match Predictions: New York Red Bulls vs Colorado Rapids

Can anyone get it right?

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Aaron Bauer: 7-1 Loss

This is the game the season gets derailed. The defense realizes they were riding to the ball actually in a pumpkin and there is no fairy godmother. Robles pulls an Oliver Baumann vs Hamburg and everyone goes home crying. Anatole Abang gets his first MLS goal though. So like I'm the only happy person left in the fanbase and everyone resents me. This is the game I end up getting fired from OaM over.

Anthony Ali: 3-0 Win

Even though there is little time for RBNY to recover from the LA match, going up against a Colorado side that's 1-2-4 makes me like our chances. Even though Colorado has posted twice the shutouts RBNY has, their inability to score makes them the perfect opponent for a midweek fixture like this.

Austin Fido: 2-1 Win

I can't choke back the optimism any longer. Despite all the warning signs - short rest, the sense there are maybe worse injury issues within the squad than we're being told, the pressure those issues put on the fit players to keep going, and the fact that every streak ends at some point - we are going to win this game.

Frank Maduri: 2-0 Win

Colorado is struggling and I do not think they can travel across the country and get a win on the road. The Rapids have scoring woes this season with their leading scorer having 2 goals. The play of Irwin in the goal will keep this game close for a while but I think BWP nets a goal and one of the NY midfielders will score on a set piece in the second half to put this result in the books.

Jason Iapicco: 2-1 Win

If I can win at FFIFA on the "Professional" level, I should probably trust it. The Red Bulls haven't been shut out yet, but they have given up stupid goals at times. This is a fair result.

JasonRBNY: 3-0 Win

I correctly predicted the Galaxy match would be a draw, but for this game I want to see our boys win, so I will use whatever godlike powers I have been granted to make that result happen. De nada.

Lester Townsend: 3-1 win

Was that Aaron trying to be funny? Yuck. Anyway, Colorado is a tire fire and there's nowhere that tires burn brighter than Northern New Jersey. (Colorado is bad, right? I don't follow MLS.)

Let's Play FIFA: 2-1 Win

Watch this week's Let's Play FIFA.

Matt Coyne:

No prediction submitted.

Patrick MacDonald: 2-0 Win

Short rest and a stout Colorado defense will present an obstacle for the Red Bulls, but not one that's remotely insurmountable. Marsch's squad will get the job done as they have many times this season.

Robert Celentano: 1-0 Win

Colorado aren't having the best of seasons at the moment. Yet, they aren't the worst team either, coming away with an impressive 4-0 win against FC Dallas in early April. But with New York playing just three days prior against LA, I think the scoring sheet will remain low on this one. With that said, I still see RBNY coming away a win, but by a small margin. Goal prediction for RBNY: Lloyd Sam.

Shiloh Grayson: 2-0 Win

This is not the game the season goes off the rails.  That's next week at Gillette.  The Red Bulls will take this one, and the 5,000 people in the stands will go absolutely nuts.

Steve Toto: 2-0 Win

RBNY wished they could have converted their draw into a win against LA. They are going to follow through against Colorado. The Rapids are also coming off a short week and have to travel to NY. I think RBNY will catch Colorado napping and thinking ahead to their game with LA this weekend.

Truman: 1-0 Win

Felipe's face wants to make sure this team ends the home stand with a win. I expect a few bench players will be starting and Jesse will adjust the subs when and if it becomes necessary. Look for this one to be ugly.