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Rumor: New York Red Bulls to host Maccabi Tel Aviv this summer

The MLS side is reported to be hosting the Israeli side this summer.

EuroFootball/Getty Images

In possibly the most off the wall friendly rumored to date, the New York Red Bulls might be hosting Israeli side Maccabi Tel Aviv this summer. The team which will be entering next season's Champions League is looking to hold preseason in the US.

In case you don't know who Raphael Gellar is (I didn't until today), he works for the BBC World Service and Vice Sports in Israel, so his word carries some weight in this matter. A few hours after this was posted, Soccer By Ives editor Danial Karell seemed to confirm it.

Karell followed his tweet up with another linking to an article. It is in Hebrew and I could not get Google translate to give me an English version.

Take this rumor with a huge grain of salt. Maccabi Tel Aviv is not a team that screams "payday" that's typically associated with mid-season friendlies. Also, with the ICC giving them 2 friendlies, a 3rd would be more unnecessary schedule congestion. If this does happen, I would assume it's more of a closed door scrimmage and training session than official friendly.