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Recap: New York Red Bulls II 4-1 Toronto FC 2

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls II easily took down Toronto FC 2, 4-1. The Red Bulls were buoyed by a host of MLS players on loan and were able to comfortably defeat the visiting Canadians. Anatole Abang, Shawn McLaws, Leo Stolz, and Marius Obekop scored for the Red Bulls.

Three Thoughts

1) Abang looks good

The Cameroonian striker was active and constantly involved. It's no surprise that he scored the first goal in NYRB II history. Abang won the ball in the box, distributed to the wings, and shot from distance; he did everything except sell concessions and sing the National Anthem.

2) This pass from Derrick Etienne is unfair

Another solid showing for the Academy player who is on his way to the University of Virginia in the fall. His pass to Abang drew a penalty which Marius Obekop converted.

2.5) This pass from Etienne was also really nice

2.75) And this pass from Derrick Etienne

Which led to a goal.

3) Shawn McLaws... wow

You're going to fit in well here.

Other thoughts

- This should have been a red card.

- Connor Lade had a rough outing. His giveaway led to a Toronto goal and he left the match after being on the receiving end of a bad tackle.

Stay tuned to Once a Metro for a full recap.