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Too many cooks? Not for us!

We've added more contributors for your reading & viewing enjoyment.

You spoke, we didn't listen. More OaM!
You spoke, we didn't listen. More OaM!
Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

There's an old saying about too many cooks in the kitchen. We don't know the rest of the saying, but it has to be about that things can only improve. In that spirit, we've added 4 new contributors this past week, some of whom have already published some articles for your enjoyment. We've asked each author to describe themselves in their own words (because we're lazy), and wanted to see how full of themselves they were.

First, we have a new writer who will add to our Sky Blue FC and USWNT coverage, starting with a recap of the USWNT's most recent friendly.

Huan is currently in law school and has been known to disappear from time to time. He pays too much attention to soccer player's hair and thinks he can pull off any hair style (he can't). Was once called the Asian Michael Owen when he was eight. Has loved stats and soccer as long as he can remember. Will accept any free swag.

Next up is a guy you know from twitter as JasonRBNY. He's coming on to add to the Once a Metro GIF Department and writing about the Red Bulls. He's already started off with his glowing testimonial of a NYRB II match.

JasonRBNY is a long-time Red Bulls fan from Brooklyn who for years has written cringe-worthy soccer jokes on Twitter, but who feels it's time to branch out into cringe-worthy long-form soccer commentary. His life's dream was recently realized after being retweeted by Sal Zizzo. He's on a strict Premio concessions stand sausage-only diet. He hopes he doesn't bring the standards for Once a Metro down too far, but if he does, he will largely blame Lester Townsend.

Shiloh Grayson is also joining us for more Red Bulls coverage and will be providing commentary. He's not off to a good start as he's already slacking behind JasonRBNY.

Shiloh Grayson is a former president of the US Soccer Federation and current member of the FIFA executive committee. He acts as a senior lecturer in nuclear engineering at M.I.T., and he summers on the North Fork of Long Island. He is also a diehard fan of the New York Red Bulls. In addition, only one aforementioned factual assertions is true. You can follow him at @shilohgrayson.

Lastly we have Robert Celentano who is being brought on to kickstart our new kick ass video department. If he doesn't succeed, it's going on his permanent record. He is the only one who didn't write their profile in the 3rd person, so maybe he has a chance.

I'm Bobby Celentano and I'm a 20 year old a Computer Science major from New Jersey. I became a serious fan of the Bulls around 2011 you know, the good ol' days with Hans Backe and company. I started the blog Bits and Bulls not too long ago after I felt the need to express some of the intentions of RBNY, my thoughts on them, and boom: here I am. Besides being a RBNY fan, I am a fan of Serie A side AC Milan, a FIFA fanatic, and play pick up games of soccer, futsal, and ultimate frisbee in my area! Look forward to what's to come here at OaM as the team and I will be bringing you some very cool content in the near future, cheers!