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Report: Ralf Rangnick has also denied any Red Bull plan for a Leeds takeover

Papa Red Bull has no shortage of employees and ways to say "no" when confronted by the question of whether he's preparing a bid for Leeds United.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Papa Red Bull is in full call-and-response mode it would seem with regard to the persistent rumor he is pondering a takeover bid for Leeds United.

The rumor mill continues to churn out a combination of speculation and simple fact. Most recently, we have been told Leeds owner Massimo Cellino might be selling up in England and transferring his attention to Parma. And Dylan Thwaites, chief executive of the company formed to organize a bid by Leeds fans to purchase a significant shareholding in the club, has revealed details of a discussion with Red Bull about possible cooperation were Papa to throw in a formal bid for LUFC.

In response, Red Bull is sticking to its favored tactic: deny, deny, and if necessary, deny again.

Ralf Rangnick is currently the sporting director of both RB Salzburg and RB Leipzig, though he will be focusing exclusively on Leipzig (presumed to signal Papa's prioritization of securing the team's promotion to the Bundesliga, which looks like it won't be happening this year) come the summer. He can be assumed to know a thing or two about Papa's plans for his soccer empire.

Speaking to Lvz-online, he stated (per Google Translate):

"According to my information, Red Bull does not intend to engage at another site."

Alternatively: "From my information, Red Bull does not intend to get involved with another club," if you prefer the translation provided by Inside Futbol.

That is as clear a denial of any active takeover plan on the part of Red Bull as was offered by Oliver Mintzlaff on April 5. Or as declared by official statement last November and December.

And Rangnick's denial was issued on the same day as Mintzlaff made his comments: double-deny! Also, Lvz-online points out Papa is building a new training center for Cousin Leipzig, valued at approximately $38 million.

Can Papa build a training center in Leipzig and buy a football club in Leeds? Sure he can. Is Rangnick's denial of any plans to expand Red Bull's soccer reach likely to put an end to the speculation connecting Papa to LUFC? Probably not.

OaM continues to follow events as they unfold.