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Not so out of the Blue: Sky Blue & NWSL news round-up

On the verge of their new season, NWSL and Sky Blue announce streaming deal, jerseys, and a New York Times write up

Today an avalanche of news and coverage of the NWSL and Sky Blue flooded the Internet and my twitter feed. In something of a good version of a "Take out the Trash Day", NWSL, Sky Blue, and the New York Times dropped a bunch of stories that would've gotten their own post if they happened on separate days. Luckily for you, I have unlimited amount of space to pontificate (theoretically). Without further ado: The News.

1)   How to watch!

The league today announced that once again matches will be streamed on While there is no news about any sort of national television deal yet, the league is hinting that an announcement will be come soon. This will therefore be the third time that the TV deal is announced mid-season, but there is talk that the deal announced will be for more than one year. Speaking of watching, Sky Blue also released a video previewing their season, which you can watch below.

2)   New Jersey[s]

Today the team announced both a new home kit and the return of Meridian Health as the team's title sponsor. The league has broken away from the standard Nike jerseys and each team seems to be sporting customized ones. And for those of you unfamiliar with Meridian Health, here's their press release.

One interesting fact is that in an interview with Equalizer Soccer, Nadia Nadim indicated that she was looking to do some clinical research this offseason. So perhaps the Danish medical student will get that opportunity with Meridian Health. Speaking of Nadim...

3)   Sky Blue and the New York Times

A day after NPR and Frank DeFord talked down Soccer in the US, the New York Times and Howard Megdal took a look at Nadia Nadim and the NWSL. Nadim's story is an inspiring one. Megdal looks at the unlikely journey of an Afghani refugee to Sky Blue FC and the NWSL. However it wasn't all roses.

Players like Nadim and midfielder Katy Freels are living "the dream" of playing professional soccer. But at what price? Megdal reports that some players only make $1,000 dollars a month for 6 months, while the top end players make up to $37,800. Aside from money Nadim is delaying the completion of her medical degree, while Freels has deferred law school for another year. The players, however, recognize the sacrifice is necessary. Lindsi Cutshall told Megdal "[j]ust like any business, at the start, you have to cut costs somewhere, it's going to take time."

That's all the news from today. Questions comments? Anything in between? Leave a comment below or tweet me @huanandonly.