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Report: Alberto Aquilani to leave Fiorentina and could move to MLS

The Italian midfielder is in the news again and is starting his own rumors about moving to Major League Soccer.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Manuele Baiocchini of Goal is reporting (exclusively) that Alberto Aquilani is leaving Fiorentina at the end of the year. The 30-year-old midfielder previously spent time with Roma, Liverpool, Juventus, and Milan. Aquilani's current deal expires on June 30th and although "it's not a question of money," he had previously been frustrated with the extension terms he was offered when being asked to take a pay cut.

The player "for some time" has been fascinated with playing in Major League Soccer and "would definitely move with his family" to the United States.

The twist, according to Baiocchini, is that the Italian international has a new agent. Instead of continuing to employ his frien Franco Zavala, he hired Andrea D'Amico. Why is this significant? D'Amico is the agent to none other than Toronto FC star Sebastian Giovinco. Giovinco and his agent were able to secure a massive $50 million contract from Toronto FC making him the highest paid Italian player in the world.

In April, D'Amico told SportItalia that Aquilani had interest in MLS and that it would "soon become an important league."

Does that mean he could be making a move stateside? Last summer there were whispers of him joining New York City FC. The club could certainly use a little more quality on the field, although the expansion team certainly has greater needs beyond the center of the midfield. Toronto FC remains a possibility, although that would require the league adding the long-rumored fourth Designated Player spot.

There's also the chance that Aquilani will remain in Serie A, with Roma being mentioned as a possible destination.

Would you take Alberto Acquilani on your team?