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Predictions: RBNY vs NYC FC

How do we predict the first Hudson Derby will go down?

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Bauer: 2-1 win

I hope it's more than this. Pure emotional prediction. I hate NYCFC so much. Crush their will to win.

Anthony Ali: 3-1 Win

This is a game between two teams that need a win. While NYCFC will be desperate to end their seven game winless streak, I think the Red Bulls' midfield is going to win the game for us. I can't even begin to imagine how annoying it would be if NYCFC got their second win of the season against RBNY.

Austin Fido: 2-1 Win

It's looking like the first Hudson River Derby will be a battle of two relatively banged-up sides: yet another back line adjustment for RBNY, and anyone's guess what NYC FC's starting lineup will look like. Despite the strong jinx-potential in my optimism, I think RBNY will take the win.

Frank Maduri:

No Prediction Submitted

Jason Iapicco: 3-1 Win


JasonRBNY: 3-1 Win

After a few disappointing draws and a loss, the team needs this one. After a hot start made him the talk of MLS, Jesse Marsch needs this one. And after running out of vermouth, I need this one. And I think we'll all get this one -- thanks to two Lloyd Sam assists and goals from BWP, Kjlestan, and Felipe. Bottoms up.

Lester Townsend: 20-0 win

We're from N-E-W Jerz, where plenty of murders occurs, no points or commas, we bring drama to all you herbs.

Let's Play FIFA: 2-1 W

Matt Coyne:

No Prediction Submitted

Patrick MacDonald: 2-0 W

RBR Guest - Rafa Noboa y Rivera: 4-0 W

Robert Celentano: 2-0 Win

NYCFC is on a seven game winless streak as the Red Bulls look to dig themselves from a bit of a groove. A lot of people are hoping this is going to be RBNY's "break-out game" and I hope that is true. I think the Bulls are going to have a good game in front of the home crowd and leave the Arena with three points. Goal predictions: Lloyd Sam and BWP.

Shiloh Grayson: 2-1 Loss

Blue Team needs to make a statement. And teams have figured out the Red Bulls. When City gets three points, the blue lunatics on social media will become even more insufferable.

Steve Toto: 2-1 Win

My brother (NYCFC supporter) and I (RBNY supporter, of course) have a bet on this game.  He's a Man U fan, I'm an Arsenal fan.  If RB wins, he has to wear an Arsenal jersey while watching the ManU-Arsenal game next Sunday.  If NYCFC wins, I have to wear a ManU jersey while watching ManU-Arsenal.  I plan on making him wear my extra Arsenal jersey.  My prediction is that Sam and Kljestan get the goals.  RBNY has one of the best home records in the league in the last 3 years.

Truman: 4-0 W