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Ghostbusters 3: The Ghost of Thierry Henry

Did you think Thierry Henry wouldn't make an appearance during the Hudson River Derby?

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Bradley Wright-Phillips scored two goals against New York City FC and was named MLS Player of the Week.

But did he deserve the award? Or was there a spectral presence at Red Bull Arena aiding BWP during the match?

The Once a Metro Ghost Hunting Department went deep into the film of Sunday's match and spent countless hours investigating for any evidence of interference from the great beyond.

Here's the shocking footage we uncovered.

It appears that the legendary Frenchman will no longer haunt Red Bull Arena. The Red Bulls will have to play without their spiritual 12th man as he enjoys a well-deserved eternal rest.

Thierry Henry's Ghost has moved on to the shadow realm and will never return.

... or will he?



Will Thierry Henry's ghost ever return? Have you observed any spiritual disturbances lately?