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Damien Perrinelle wins MLS Francophone Player of the Month (again)

He won! Again!

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

We seem to have been saying Damien Perrinelle is off to a good start for a while now - long enough, perhaps, to start saying he's simply having a good season.

The Frenchman has played more than 700 minutes for the New York Red Bulls in MLS this season: in excess of 100 times more time on the field than he saw last year for the club. And the team has been successful, despite the fact Ronald Zubar - the presumptive senior center back in the squad - has been injured since the 77th minute of RBNY's first match.

Instead, Perrinelle has stepped up to lead the back line, and his performances continue to draw attention. Rob Usry took some time off from ghost hunting to note that the RBNY defender was ranked the second-best in MLS by That was back in early April, and he's slipped a little since then: to eighth overall on WhoScored's list.

Impressive. Too bad there isn't a prize for that - wait, there is:'s Coup Franc covers the league from a francophone perspective, and has instituted a "Francophone Player of the Month" Award this season.

Perrinelle's hot start to the year saw him claim the inaugural award in March. Now he has been named the winner of the April edition too, beating out Tony Tchani and Benoit Cheyrou in the online vote.

How many times does he need to win this to be allowed to keep it?

Congratulations, Damien! Francophone player of the month in MLS for the second consecutive month, and francophone player of the season for RBNY if this is the standard of performance we can expect for the rest of the year.