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Predictions: FC Dallas vs New York Red Bulls

Kind of short week after an emotional match. Can the Red Bulls take points on the road?

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Bauer: 3-1 win

Can the Red Bulls pull out another win? I mean, yes they can. They also can lose. Or tie. All three exist in the realm of possibilities. Go Red Bulls please win.

Anthony Ali: 1-1 Draw

Dallas is one of the best teams in the league right now and it's not going to be an easy game by any means. That being said, the Red Bulls have proven that they aren't pushovers and should be able to get a point on the road.

Austin Fido: 3-1 Loss

Dallas is at home and hot again. RBNY is patchworking the back-line once more, and this would be a tough road trip if the first-choice players were all available. FCD has a lot of different ways to unsettle a defence, and I think we'll see most of them this week. Anything other than a loss will be arguably the Red Bulls' most impressive result so far this season.

Frank Maduri: 2-0 Loss

Dallas is a top team in a highly competitive Western Conference. They are capable with Blas Perez and others to manufacture offense at a brisk pace. They will apply pressure to the makeshift RBNY defensive backline and will win this match. The Red Bulls will be hard pressed to put together any sort of challenge to a deep Dallas club with a number of offensive weapons.

Jason Iapicco: 2-1 Loss

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JasonRBNY: 1-0 Win

The world is a mysterious place full of questions. Why are we here? Where do babies come from? Why does anyone live in Dallas? And most importantly, will the Red Bulls win this Friday? The answers are: booze;; the big hats; and yes. Another important question is "Who Shot JR?" ("Who Shot Just by Robles?"). And the answer to that is none: Luis hasn't given up a single goal in his tenure against Dallas. And he won't Friday, either.

Lester Townsend: 57.3 - pi Loss

The Red Bulls are going to lose this game. They're coming off a big win mentally and Dallas is just too talented and creative. The Red Bulls are going to struggle with the counter and will be punished for their defensive lapses. It's a miracle that they're going to even score a single goal, let alone:


Let's Play FIFA: 3-2 Loss

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Matt Coyne:

No prediction submitted.

Patrick MacDonald: 3-1 Loss

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Robert Celentano: 3-2 Win

FC Dallas have been on and off this season. One game, they win 4-1 against the Houston Dynamo, another game, they lose 4-0 to the Colorado Rapids. RBNY on the other hand, have been quite a pleasure to watch and for the most part, consistent. In the end, I believe this will be a high scoring game with New York coming out on top.

Shiloh Grayson: 2-0 Win

I want to continue my streak of never getting any predictions right. Therefore, I'm predicting a big New York Red Bulls win. Texas is the reason the Red Bulls winning ways continue.

Steve Toto: 2-0 loss

Dallas is #1 in the West and will be at home.  RB has to start a new CB due to Miazga's suspension/departure.  All point to signs of a loss.

Truman: 1-1 Draw

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