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RECAP New York Red Bulls 0-1 Jersey Express

The Baby Bulls were undone by a goal from a former Red Bull.

New York Red Bulls II played their first Open Cup match in history.

New York Red Bulls II lost their first Open Cup match in history.

Former New York Red Bulls player Chris Karcz scored the lone goal via a header off a corner kick to lead the Jersey Express to a 1-0 victory. Brayan Martinez provided the assist.

More Open Cup underachieving


No finishing

New York Red Bulls II have yet to have a player on an Academy or USL contract score a goal this season. All of the goals have come from MLS players on loan. There were no MLS players on loan for this match. Therefore, somebody needed to step up and finally finish. Nobody did. We definitely need to see more from the USL players. Someone, at some point, needs to finish.

Sh*t happens

Losses happen. Sometimes things don't come together. It was a back and forth match. One team finished an opportunity. The other didn't. I know this is a common theme this whole season for the Baby Bulls, but that's just how it goes sometimes. Unfortunately, it's happening during their first season when there is a bit of a microscope on the club due to forces inside the fan base and throughout the league (doubts about the Red Bull plan and the mass inclusion of MLS reserve squads in USL).

MLS players missing

It was obvious that the players from the senior squad weren't on the field and how they've ultimately been carrying the Baby Bulls this season. The USL players don't have cohesion. Is that the right word? They don't play well together. There's a distinct lack of movement as a group. Passes don't go to the right spot, dummies are performed without a player waiting to receive the ball, runs are made and not noticed. They'll eventually gel or they won't. This is about development. This is about development. This is about development. This is about development.

Other thoughts

- At least we don't have to deal with the arguments about whether or not a Cosmos vs Red Bulls reserve team match counts as "a true Hudson River Derby"  or whatever.

- Derrick Etienne wants the ball. He wants the ball every time.

- Mason Deeds received a call up for this match. He's an Academy player on the 16s. The 16s. Not the 18s. The 16s. Cool.

- The defense really didn't have a bad game. Just unfortunate that they gave up such a free header on the goal.

- Rafi Diaz got away with one when he misjudged the ball. Luckily, the shot hit the post and NYRB II didn't go down 2-0. I mean, they still lost, but at least they didn't go down 2-0.

- I need to see more out of Frank Castellanos and Chris Tsonis. They're good players who could play in MLS some day, but right now they're not scoring.

- The ending to The Mist is crazy. It's not a great movie, but the ending... wow.

I dunno. They play FC Montreal on Sunday.