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Rumor: Red Bull linked to Leeds United takeover...again

Yes, this rumor was rubbished again last week. No, that has not stopped it coming back.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Scarcely a week ago, Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino stated he was committed to the club for at least another two seasons. It appeared an unambiguous riposte to the persistent rumors that the team will be sold imminently. It sounded particularly like a rebuttal of the latest incarnation of the oft-denied speculation that Red Bull would be buying LUFC in the near future.

Rumor quashed.

Not quite, reports Leeds United blog The Scratching Shed: Leed Fans CBS (aka Leeds Fans LLP, aka @LeedsFansUnited) has sparked a fresh round of the old rumor by including in its newsletter to shareholders an update on its understanding of the current situation regarding a potential takeover at LUFC.

The same snippets of information hit social media:

And it didn't take long for some fans to supply additional circumstantial evidence (Leeds has just appointed Uwe Rosler as its manager for the 2015-16 season):

It ought to be pointed out that the rumor has been consistently denied by Red Bull on almost every occasion it has arisen. And Cellino did just say he wasn't selling for at least two years.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone is buying the latest round of Red-Bull-is-coming whispers:

The rumor is stuck in an infinite loop: every iteration of the Red Bull takeover story appears to bring fresh denial from either Leeds' current ownership, Red Bull GmbH or Papa himself; every denial appears to spark fresh RB-buyout rumors.

The Red Bull chat is started up again, so we wait for the inevitable denial in...3...2...1...