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RECAP New York Red Bulls 3-2 FC Montreal

The Baby Bulls win.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

New York Red Bulls II (3-4-3) beat FC Montreal (1-6-0), 3-2, thanks to goals from Anatole Abang, Derrick Etienne, and a Montreal defender (own goal). Montreal fought back twice, but were unable to score the game tying goal. It was a bit of a testy match with Montreal's Naziim Belguendouz being sent off after lashing out at Jamie Thomas.

Etienne scored the first goal for New York Red Bulls II by someone other than a MLS player on loan.

1) The Derrick Etienne show

From the moment the match started, the Academy player dominated all over the pitch. It's easy to say he was the Man of the Match because of his volley goal and assist, but what's more important is how he worked out of tight spots and forced turnovers when pressing after his team lost the ball.

Anyway, here's the good stuff.

The assist:

The goal:

The University of Virginia is getting a very good player.

2) MLS players on loan make impact

It was clear during the Open Cup loss to the Jersey Express that the Baby Bulls rely on the presence of the MLS players. Kyle Reynish, Shawn McLaws, Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Anthony Wallace, Leo Stolz, Marius Obekop, Anatole Abang, and Manolo Sanchez played for NYRB II against FC Montreal. In case you can't count, 9 players in the Starting XI have MLS contracts. In years past, these players would rarely play outside of inconsistently schedule Reserve League games, so it's good that they're getting minutes.

Does their presence make it difficult for players with Academy and USL contracts to develop? Sure, but competition for minutes and catering to the most talented players is inherent in the nature of professional sports.

3) Defense continues to leak

Both goals by Montreal could have been prevented with more composed defense. Tolstoy (a guy on Twitter, don't ask) noted that the Baby Bulls give up a lot of goals via breakaways and he's right. They should have easily put away FC Montreal, but attackers were allowed to run at goal unencumbered. Perhaps the center back pairing of Mike da Fonte and Jean-Baptiste has yet to gel. Hopefully their communication and cohesiveness improve as the season continues. Both are talented players, but runners have been passing through unmarked leading to easy goals.

Other thoughts

- A Montreal player made a bad tackle on Daniel Bedoya. The Montreal player was sent off, but what did the Red Bulls players start doing? Pushing, shoving, getting in the opponents' faces, and letting them know that you don't mess with their teammates. That's the kind of team spirit I like to see. I don't like making sweeping generalizations, but perhaps John Wolyniec's players have bought in to the team mentality.

- Another great assist for Anthony Wallace on the Etienne goal. Maybe he'll be back with the MLS squad soon.

- I like Shawn McLaws. I like Bolu Akinyode. Leo Stolz is pretty good too.

- I had a salad for dinner. Thanks for asking.

- Dan Metzger is with the United States U23 National Team.

- Tyler Adams looks good. I have to keep reminding myself how young he is. Then I remember how young he is and I hate how I've done nothing with my life despite being almost a decade older than he is.

- Juan Sebastian Sanchez played a good match. Another Academy player, he's going to the University of Tulsa in the fall.

New York Red Bulls II's next match is against the Richmond Kickers on Saturday, May 30th at 7:00 p.m. in Richmond.