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MLS Homegrown team to play Club America U20s

Will any Red Bulls make the squad?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Boniface of The Denver Post is reporting that the MLS Homegrown squad will play Club America's U20 squad before the MLS All-Star Game in the 2nd Chipotle MLS Homegrown Game.

The undercard is set for Major League Soccer's All-Star Game this summer. Club America's U-20 squad will play the MLS Homegrown team July 28 in the second annual Chipotle MLS Homegrown Game.

The match will start at 7 p.m. at Dick's Sporting Goods Park and will feature some of the top up-and-coming talent in North America. The MLS Homegrown roster will be selected from the roughly 150 players who have come up through club youth academies and signed pro contracts.

Last year, the MLS Homegrown team played the Portland Timbers U23s (PDL) and the match finished a 0-0 draw.

While this year's opponent will feature a professional opponent as opposed to the college players comprising the Timbers U23s, there still should be a bit of a talent disparity between the Homegrowns and Club America. Most of the "high-profile" MLS Homegrown players who will be selected are older than 20. However, the Club America squad will have the advantage of the chemistry that comes from having played together day in and day out, while the Homegrown team will be a bunch of players thrown together with minimal practice time.

Not that it really matters who wins, of course.

The New York Red Bulls have four players eligible for the match: Santiago Castano, Sean Davis, Connor Lade, and Matt MiazgaConnor Lade was selected for the 2014 Homegrown Game, but did not attend after suffering an injury while on loan to the New York Cosmos.

Club America recently won the CONCACAF Champions League, beating the Montreal Impact.