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Get to know Kelley O'Hara of the US Women's National Team

Get Ready for the World Cup by getting to know Sky Blue's Kelley O'Hara a little better

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As you all know (or should know), in anticipation of the World Cup, US Soccer has been producing videos that share the human side of the USWNT. If you haven't, then here's one featuring Sky Blue's Kelley O'Hara.

But for those of you who have seen this video, would you like to see more? Specifically, do you want to know more about Kelley O'Hara, but are too lazy to do any internet research? Perhaps you could go through her Instagram and Twitter for an extended period of time, but maybe don't want that feeling of shame you get when you stalk someone on the internet? Good news! I did it for you. I present to you:

Top 5 Things You Can Learn About Kelley O'Hara Through Social Media to Get You Ready for the World Cup

1. Kelley O'Hara Loves the Fans!

After the second Send off Series game against Mexico, where O'Hara appeared in the 70th minute, O'Hara traded jerseys. However, instead of trading jerseys with her opponent, she swapped with a loyal fan.

Note to self... be loud when the USWNT comes to Red Bull Arena May 30th.

2. Coffee and Surfing

Here's a hot tip. If you want to run into Kelley randomly in the tri-state area, then you better be hanging out at hip coffee places or the beach. The coffee thing makes sense. Everybody loves hanging out at coffee places. But how does someone from Georgia become someone who shreds waves in their free time? Let's hear from Kelley herself.

3. Trading Food...with Animals

Those of us that follow O'Hara on Instagram and Twitter (or anybody who saw point #2) know that she loves coffee and surfing. But outside of those two things, she is also a lover of animals. Don't believe me? Here is a recent video of her feeding a squirrel.

If you're anything like me and think feeding wild animals can be very dangerous, you probably also wonder whether a professional athlete be doing it? The answer is... probably not. A lesson that Kelley should've learned after this incident:

Swan Trainer in training. #almostlostafinger

A video posted by Kelley O'Hara (@kelleyohara) on

For those of you keeping track at home, after Chester the Squirrel raided the acorns in the closet, Kelley fed him raisins, despite being unsure that squirrels can eat raisins (Google says you're safe, Kelley). She also fed swans by hand at a random dock and #almostlostafinger.

Thankfully, unlike D.C. United's home stadium, Red Bull Arena and Yurcak are not infested with wild animals. But if you attend the match at Red Bull Arena and see Kelley about to feed some wild animals, consider advising her to be careful.

3. Muziks

What does Kelley listen to before a game to get pumped up? Thanks to 8 by 8 Magazine, we now know.

4. She Loves Chocolate Milk

Last week Kelley dropped a cryptic tweet about an upcoming commercial. Many assumed that it was another Under Armour ad in which she can be seen staring menacingly at you. Instead, Kelley dropped an ad for chocolate milk. While chocolate milk is delicious and nutritious, it isn't the star of the video; it's the three other players in the video. Was that guy Messi? Was that lazy slide tackle from Thierry Henry (very possible)? Did Wells Fargo and Landon Don-Ovan finally realize that Hat-Trick Rick's best position was goalkeeper? See for yourself.

5. If you are on the USWNT, Kelley O'Hara may be hiding around the corner right now!

This is more a Public Service Announcement than anything else. I mean, some players are prepared and on their toes at all times like weary travelers in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

I guess I've tried to scare her one too many times. #sorrynotsorry #evillaughmuch? @laurenholiday12

A video posted by Kelley O'Hara (@kelleyohara) on

Others saunter around hotels like gazelles unaware that a lion is stalking them, obviously unaware of the lesson that Ron Burgundy and the Channel News 4 News Team taught us.

Bet you'll think twice before going to get a snack again, huh @christenpress ? #icanthelpmyself

A video posted by Kelley O'Hara (@kelleyohara) on

#tbt to when @tobinheath was a big scaredy cat

A video posted by Kelley O'Hara (@kelleyohara) on

In the end, it doesn't matter how well you know Kelley O'Hara. Support the USWNT by coming to Red Bull Arena May 30th in their final send off against South Korea!