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Throwback Thursday: New Jersey Ironmen

A sordid story of what may have been.

Tony Meola remembers. Tony Meola always remembers.
Tony Meola remembers. Tony Meola always remembers.
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Remember the New Jersey Ironmen? I sure do! Even have the free soccer ball to prove it. Ok, that last sentence contains no truth whatsoever but the point stands.

Is there a reason why this commercial from 2007 feels like it's from 1997? Nostalgia? Budget? Who cares, it's Tony Meola!  Anyway, after his departure from the Bulls he stayed local, went indoors, and brought a couple of his friends on board.

Let's take a look at this "Bench" guy

Holy Snickerdoodles! Bench has played since '78! And has a lip gloss sponsorship! Quite the journeyman too. 1096 games for 105 squads. Take time to read the LIST. And make sure you don't leave a Hershey Impact!

Rachid Didouh M August 11, 1978 5'7" 155 Casablanca, Morocco

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

Gordon Kljestan M November 30, 1983 6'0" 175 Mission Viejo, CA

He's not related, is he? (He is)

Matthew Maher D April 13, 1984 5'11" 170 Cape May Court House, NJ

Cape May? Never heard of it.

Freddy Moojen F February 25, 1983 6'0" 174 Balneario Camb, Brazil

Moojen is an underutilized soccer name.

Omid Namazi D,M December 8, 1964 5'10" 165 Provo, UT

1964? Oh, right. He's the COACH too.

Let's have some more promo:

You are free to go back to your normal Thursday.