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Chelsea wins Premier League title, still has 0 points in International Champions Cup

RBNY's ICC rivals have collected a bauble to help them pass the time between now and July...

Clive Mason/Getty Images

As all fans of the great global game of soccer know, the truly great matches happen between truly great teams. This is why tournaments such as the International Champions Cup exist: to lift the world's best out of the drudgery of their domestic leagues and set them against each other to facilitate a mundane cash-grab titanic battle atop the pinnacle of the world's game.

Chelsea will participate in this summer's ICC, and will do so as the reigning champion of the English Premier League. A 1-0 win over Crystal Palace has given the West London club its fifth national top-flight title - the third it has won under the stewardship of head coach Jose Mourinho.

Chelsea is a champion. Congratulations.

But is it an International Champion? No. Not yet. The International Champions Cup takes place in July. But winning the EPL does not count for anything in ICC.

What does count toward becoming an International Champion? Beating San Jose Earthquakes; tying LA GalaxyAs previously noted, the New York Red Bulls have four ICC points. Chelsea has no ICC points.

Pointless Chelsea will play table-topping RBNY on July 22.

Enjoy your appetizer, Chelsea - but make sure to leave room for the main course. Congrats again, and see you in July.