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Match Predictions: Seattle Sounders vs New York Red Bulls

Can the Red Bulls their first 2 game losing streak of 2015?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Name W/L/D GF GA Why
Aaron Bauer Loss 1 4 Seattle is a good team. The New York Red Bulls have been playing like a mediocre team disguised as a good one. This one will get ugly, quick.
Steve Toto Loss 1 3 Seattle is #1 in this week's MLS Power Rankings. If they get Obafemi Martins back, as they expect to, they can be very dangerous on the counter attack. Additionally, the RBNY backline seems a bit shaky due to injuries and Matt Miazga abroad at the U20 World Cup.
JasonRBNY Loss 1 3 Our backline is coming undone faster than a sweater whose thread is being held as I walk away. Bradley Wright-Phillips is so disconnected from the midfield it's like the world has turned and left him there. Roy Miller may start at centerback again on Sunday because there's no one else. Say it ain't so.
Lester Townsend Win blue dog Seattle likes winning. The Red Bulls also like winning. What happens when two teams that like winning attempt to both win? Tune in and find out!
Robert Celentano Loss 1 2 I think this is the first time I have predicted an RBNY loss, and I am quite sad to. With New York's back line still in question, facing off against the powerhouse Sounders does not look good for the Bulls. I hope the Red and White (or Blue and Gold this weekend) prove me wrong and pick up at least a point, but I'm not so optimistic they will. Wow, this even makes me sad.
Patrick Glodkowski Win 3 2 Red Bulls need a resounding win after a loss to Philadelphia Union, as well as an upcoming tough schedule. Red Bulls destroyed Seattle at home last season, and it seems like a rebound from the poor form recently will come here; especially since the Sounders have a midweek match against Colorado.
Alex Showell Loss 1 3 The defense couldn't stop the Union's offense so there is no way they'll be able to contain Seattle's offense. Oba+Dempsey = goals.
Josh Hargett Draw 1 1 Because MLS. Just as there was no reason why RBNY should've lost to Philly at home, there's no reason why they should be able to now go into CenturyLink and get a result.
Ryan Dolan Draw 2 2 RBNY produces chances no matter who they play, although Seattle at home is never an easy game. With a forecast of 72 and partly cloudy, the elements won't have any effect on the game. Unless Mount Rainier erupts. That would definitely have an effect on the game.
Anthony Terminelli Loss 1 2 This will be a tough one for the Bulls- a trip to Century Link, off the back of a big loss against big rivals. I can see another defeat, unfortunately.
Steve Toto Loss 1 3 Obafemi Martins is back from injury + RBNY's back line is depleted with injuries and international duty = RBNY loss
Jean-Pierre Chigne Loss 1 2 The Red Bulls defense will not be able to handle Seattle's potent offense. The score line could be worse if more defensive starters sit out.
Anthony Ali Draw 1 1 While the Red Bulls are still reeling from the upset against Philly, I trust that Marsch was able to make some much needed adjustments in the meantime. Call me an optimist, but I think that an away fixture against a good team like Seattle is the perfect opportunity for the Red Bulls to prove that last week's loss was a fluke.
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Truman Draw 1 1 Read his tweet.