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Peace in our time: Jermaine Jones clears the air with Felipe Martins

The Foxborough fracas has been resolved.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Jermaine Jones has had a busy few days. On Saturday, he appeared to instigate a fight between himself and the New York Red Bulls. But he blamed RBNY's Felipe Martins for the brouhaha. And he would have got away with were it not for those meddling kids news-breaker extraordinaire Kristian Dyer, who landed Felipe's side of the story on Tuesday.

Whatever Jermaine thought he heard, he didn't. So says Felipe. Ball is in your court, JJ.

Well, Jones has clearly had time to reflect on the events of the past weekend, and he's in a mood to let bygones be bygones.

And Felipe is in a mood to accept such slightly garbled apologies. (Here's the deal, JJ: if you go ballistic and try to slap me senseless because you thought I said something I didn't, I am not the one who needs to be texting apologies.)

Peace has been made. The matter was principally between these two gentlemen, and they have settled their differences. We too must withdraw our interest in the matter.

JJ, meanwhile, has swiftly move on to other targets.

Steady there, Alexi. We've seen what happens to talkers around JJ. And you, Mr. Lalas, lack Roy Miller's gift for diplomacy. Hush. Let us enjoy MLS's freshly-brokered peace for at least the rest of this afternoon.