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Fifth time unlucky: Luis Robles did not win MLS Save of the Week (again)

It is said that predictable things are comforting. Be comforted.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Sounders' Stefan Frei won MLS Save of the Week for Week 9, which means the New York Red Bulls' Luis Robles did not. Again.

Like he didn't in Week 1 (14.22% of the vote; 3rd place). Like he didn't in Week 3 (22.8%; 2nd place). Or Week 4 (17.82%; 3rd place). Or Week 6 (11.55%; 5th place).

In Week 9, Robles attracted his lowest share of the vote so far this season: 10.56%. (What's that? No, don't be hard on yourself. Busy week for everyone.)

But he wasn't last. Robles took fourth; ahead of Josh Saunders, RBNY's presumptive opposing 'keeper for Week 10's anxiously hyped Hudson River Derby. Week 9 was also the fifth SotW nomination of the season for Saunders. He also has yet to win a vote in 2015.

Frei, by contrast, has picked up his first SotW win at the first attempt (he had not previously been nominated this season). Those are, as is often said, the breaks. Robles and Saunders will go head to head on Sunday, May 10.