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RUMOR Swansea City's Leon Britton linked to MLS move

Who needs a central midfielder?

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Once the transfer rumors start, they don't stop.

This time, it's Swansea City's Leon Britton being rumored to be "reportedly considering a move to MLS after seeing his game time restricted" this past season making only nine league appearances. According to the always reliable Sun (via Wales Online), "the 32-year-old has two years left on his contract [Editor note: Or is it one year?] but is purportedly not content to be a squad man and is said to have already put a few calls into the States to see what is out there."

What is out there (here)? There are plenty of teams in MLS (and the NASL and USL) who would be interested in a midfielder with a Premier League pedigree. However, as is the norm with this sort of thing, it will come down to the player's salary demands (probably way more than teams are willing to pay) and the counter-offer from the club (way less than your average mid-level European player expected).

Both manager Garry Monk and chairman Huw Jenkins Claim they want Britton to remain with the Swans. According to Jenkins:
"My personal view is that I hope Leon stays with us for the next couple of years at least. As he showed when he started against Crystal Palace on the last day, he can contribute a lot. He has been a major part of this club so there are no thoughts in my mind that things should change. I feel he should remain a major part of our squad. His view may be different. The fact is Leon has not played many games, but I haven't heard anything as far as what he is thinking."
Britton spent the majority of his career with Swansea and starred for the club through their meteoric rise from League Two all the way to the Premiership. He began his career on the books at West Ham United and spent the 2010-2011 season with Sheffield United.

Is this the traditional shakedown for a better contract and a bigger role with the team or is Britton seriously considering a move across the Atlantic? I guess we'll see when the transfer window opens in July.