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Gallery: New York Red Bulls U-23s vs Baltimore Bohemians

A look at the recent PDL encounter between RBNY U-23s and Baltimore Bohemians, courtesy of Sonya Kondratenko

The New York Red Bulls are more than just a MLS team, as you know. There is also the USL team, NYRB II, and the PDL team - the RBNY U-23s. And a slew of teams in the Academy.

Once A Metro is dedicated to coverage of all things RBNY. We do our best to cover those teams and whatever else is happening that might be of some interest to Red Bulls fans. So when Sonya Kondratenko offered us pictures she took at the recent RBNY U-23 game against Baltimore Bohemians - we were delighted.

The match was played at the Red Bull Training Facility on June 3. The Bohemians won, 2-1 - here's our recap.

We're in a mood to celebrate lower league soccer on this site at the moment, and we're always in the mood to celebrate RBNY. We don't often get the chance to present pictures of the U-23s: thank you, Sonya, for sharing these photos with us.

You can thank Sonya on Twitter: @sonyakarate. And we're hoping to get some more pictures to share from her the next time these two teams meet, on June 27 in Baltimore. We hope you enjoy the gallery.