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Vote for Luis Robles in MLS Save of the Week 14

The Red Bulls may actually win something this week.

Luis Robles, the New York Red Bulls resident save machine, is up for another Save of the Week nomination. This week he's up for his save in the Red Bulls match against the Houston Dynamo on Friday night.

Luis Robles was called in to deflect a bouncing Brad Davis free kick over the bar. While the match ended in a 4-2 loss for the Red Bulls, the save kept the match at 1-0 in favor of the away side in the 54th minute.

Vote now for Robles in the Save of the Week competition. It's a moral imperative to not let the a D.C. United or Philadelphia Union keeper win this week. Also, if it hasn't been stated before, Luis Roble is a really good keeper that doesn't get the respect he deserves. Lastly, winning this would mean the team actually won something in the last few weeks. If it can't be a game, why not a fan vote contest?