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Report: Jonathan Legear "absolutely does not want to leave Standard"

Another MLS transfer rumor shot down...

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Cross another name off the list of potential MLS summer transfers: Jonathan Legear is reportedly not contemplating a move to North America.

Belgian outlet caught up with a member of Legear's "entourage", who provided a rebuttal to the earlier report that the player had threatened to quit Standard Liege for MLS if he wasn't given a raise in pay.

Everything that has been said is wrong! It undermines Jonathan based on rumors and gossip. Jonathan is a victim of his reputation. He absolutely does not want to leave the Standard!

That is not an ambiguous statement.

What about the angry and incredulous comments of Standard sporting advisor Axel Lawaree that were reported a few days ago and seemed to speak to a rift between player and club? A misunderstanding quickly resolved, says 7sur7's source:

Lawaree and Legear were called directly, and it was fixed in two seconds.

That would appear to be that. Legear will continue to seek to rehabilitate a career that has stalled in recent years at Standard Liege. He will not be joining the New York Red Bulls or any other MLS club in the foreseeable future.