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RBNY website on leading edge of MLS site design

The new look for the Red Bulls' site isn't unique, but it is new(ish).

If you don't know who Chris Schlosser is, we can't really blame you, but is he a big deal in MLS. Chris is the Vice President of MLS Digital, the part of MLS responsible for and the individual team websites. Today, Chris is flying from point a to point b and decided to use the time to answer some questions on Twitter. One response in particular really caught our attention.

It may not seem like a big deal, but this means that the New York Red Bulls' recent change to their website wasn't of their own design (sort of). Most MLS teams follow a template given to them by MLS Digital in an attempt to keep the user experience consistent across all team sites. The Red Bulls were one of the first to get the new design (see some screen grabs below). The Seattle Sounders, Orlando City, and New York City FC also are on the new design, and the other teams will be migrated at some point this year.

Website Landing Page:

RBNY Main Page

Roster Page

RBNY Roster Page

Schedule Page

RBNY Schedule Page

Do you like the new user experience at Do you hate it? Let us know in the comments.