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Rumor: Internazionale's Hugo Campagnaro getting looks from MLS?

In which the rumor mill gets itself a little muddled...

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Who wants a 34-year-old defender with international and European top-flight experience? Palermo, Lazio and maybe Malaga according to a report in Gazzetta dello Sport on the subject of soon-to-be-former Internazionale center-back Hugo Campagnaro.

The Argentine is on the down-slope of his career. He's not in his country's squad for Copa America, though he was in the squad that made the final of the 2014 World Cup. If he still has a few years left, it's not crazy to imagine he can do a decent job for a club in need of a seasoned campaigner at the back. is, therefore, not crazy to suggest that "many American clubs" might want in on Campagnero's twilight years as a professional soccer player. And the Italian outlet has done some research: it teases that there might be particular interest from one or more of the Canadian clubs in MLS. Toronto FC, of course, is firmly on the radar of the Italian rumor mill since it decided to make Sebastian Giovinco the best paid Italian player in the world. And Montreal Impact has a longstanding interest in just about anyone who has so much as parked a car in the vicinity of a Serie A stadium.

But there's more to it than that, suggests Campagnaro is already listed on the MLS official website.

Done deal? Not so fast. MLS got very excited about the 2014 World Cup and loaded just about every player from every squad on to its website. Campagnaro is listed, or sure. So too is Manuel Neuer. And Lionel Messi. And Cristiano Ronaldo. And Paul Pogba. And Raheem Sterling.

It's going to be a busy summer season for chasing down the news that MLS is out to sign every player who made the final 23 of every squad in the 2014 World Cup. But we're going to need a little more than an outdated listing on to get excited about the thought of Campagnaro heading this way.

And Once A Metro stands ready to be excited about Campagnaro. His nickname is "El Toro de Moron" (he made his name with Deportivo Moron in Argentina before making the move to Europe): we'd like to see what sort of fun MetroFanatic has with that moniker if the player is ever linked to the New York Red Bulls