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Report: Didier Drogba asks rumor mill to calm down,rumor mill starts new chatter about New York Red Bulls

Rare to see exactly how a rumor gets started...

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Ever wonder how rumor sausage gets made? A recent exchange between a reporter and Didier Drogba takes us behind the curtain to see.

RMC TV caught up with Drogba in Morocco. He is out of contract but known to be seeking a new club. Unfortunately, the rumor mill has not got a great handle on where that new club might be. RMC's reporter, finding Drogba in a mood for chit-chat, asks where the legendary striker might play next. "That's a good question," Drogba replies, smiling.

The reporter presses on, asking whether the player might consider a return to Olympique Marseille. This prompts a more serious response, in which Drogba pleads for the rumors about his future to stop.

The reporter tries again, asking about a possible move to MLS. "Where should I go? You tell me." is effectively Drogba's reply.

The reporter gamely magics up a MLS club: "New York Galaxy?" Drogba asks whether such a team actually exists. The reporter tries again: "New York Red Bulls?"

The man's response (basically): "Sure, call them and I'll be there."

Cue headlines: "Didier Drogba hints at New York Red Bulls transfer interest"; "Didier Drogba shows interest in New York Red Bulls move"; "Chelsea hero Didier Drogba hints at MLS move".

In the video of the interview in question, Drogba seems most interested in getting a sip of water. But sure, rumor mill, have it your way: he's interested in moving to MLS, interested in moving to RBNY. Certainly more interested in moving to a team that actually exists than one that doesn't.

Good work, rumor mill.