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Report: Orlando City rejects report of Didier Drogba rejection

Didier said he dumped Orlando but now Orlando says it was never interested in Didier and you can't dump someone you never had. The rumor mill is getting back in touch with its high school years today...

Clive Mason/Getty Images

In what has become a daily installment of "Where will Didier play?" from the rumor mill, we're still no closer to finding out where Didier Drogba is thinking of landing next, but we do have further information about where he's not going. He's not going to Orlando City.

Two weeks ago, we heard he wasn't going to Orlando because he'd made an insane wage demand. That rumor was subsequently scrubbed from its original source ( Next, just yesterday, we heard he wasn't going to Orlando because he didn't want whatever was bundled into a two-year contract offer from the MLS club.

Today, courtesy of the impeccably sourced Paul Tenorio of the Orlando Sentinel, we have received news that OCSC never had "an ounce of interest" in Didier Drogba. Once A Metro looks forward to tomorrow's report that Drogba "cannot even spell Orlando" and "thinks Florida is a musician."

It's starting to feel as though this studied, mutual indifference that Orlando and Drogba seem to share might speak to some greater bond. Perhaps they ought to get a room.

Moving on. We now have three separate reports about Didier not going to Orlando - and one of them even attributed to sources we can assume have some actual insight into the matter. So where is he going?

We don't have much of an answer to that question. La Gazzetta dello Sport thinks Drogba is talking to the New York Red Bulls. L'Equipe allegedly believes he's thinking about a move to Qatar. Take your pick, or wait for more news from the rumor mill - because it is certainly coming.