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Buy 'Em or Bag 'Em Week 14: Friday Night Lights (Part II)

For the second time in a month, RBNY travels to Texas for some Friday night football

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Roster change deadline: Wednesday June 3, 7:00pm ET

Amount of Free Transfers this week: 2

The New York Red Bulls will make their way back to Texas for a showdown with the Houston Dynamo on Friday June 5th at 9:00pm EDT.  The Red Bulls have cooled off their hot start, but look to get back on track on a slightly shorter week than normal.  Both RBNY and Houston have 17 points, but in the Western Conference, that leaves Houston sitting in a tie for 8th, while RBNY currently is in 3rd in the East.

I recommend to buy Kemar Lawrence and Damien Perrinelle.  They have been the most consistent defenders for RBNY.  Their biggest challenge will be to keep Will Bruin at bay.  Also, buy Lloyd Sam and Bradley Wright-Phillips.  The Dynamo have given up 17 goals in their 14 games, so their back line is not impenetrable.  Lastly, Dax McCarty looks to be getting back to his old self, so he should be a good pick up.

Bag Chris Duvall.  Big miss on my part last week when I said to buy him.  He isn't as fast as most of the wingers he has to chase down in space and his poor one-on-one defense led to Seattle's first goal last week.  Also, Mike Grella.  He had some good looking shots on goal, but his first touch and decision-making leaves more to be desired.  Felipe Martins needs to be more poised.  He is getting too emotional when he or his teammates get called for fouls and it's leading to yellow cards and slow starts.

Buy 'Em

  • Damien Perrinelle ($6.8M)
  • Kemar Lawrence ($6.2M)
  • Bradley Wright-Phillips ($11.3M)
  • Dax McCarty ($8.1M)
  • Lloyd Sam ($9.1M)

Bag 'Em

  • Mike Grella ($6.2M)
  • Chris Duvall ($6.3M)
  • Felipe Martins ($8.3M)