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BULLS ABROAD Metzger and United States defeat Qatar

Probably their last match of the tournament...

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The United States Under-23 National Team have likely ended their stay in France at the Toulon Tournament on a high note, beating Qatar, 1-0. Julian Green scored the lone goal in the 14th minute for the USMNT.

It was generally a boring match with a few decent chances created (mostly in the first half), but nothing came to fruition outside of Green's goal. Neither team looked dangerous and it was decidedly ugly play.

And now we wait. A lot of results have to go the United States' way for them to advance to the knockout stage, and I honestly wouldn't count on it happening. They have six points through four matches and are behind the Netherlands in the standings. Not only would the Netherlands have to lose, but France would have to beat them by four goals. Also, Costa Rica would have to lose or draw against Qatar and France. So it's possible, just highly unlikely.

Dan Metzger, who plays for New York Red Bulls II, started and went the full 80 minutes (Toulon plays 40 minute halves). The announcer called him out for being a strong connection between the defense and the attackers, which is good because that's what you want out of a midfielder (obviously).

What can we take away from this tournament? Probably a little bit of disappointment. Olympic Qualifying is right around the corner and this U23 squad was fairly unimpressive. Will players from the excellent U20 squad receive calls when Olympic Qualifying rolls around? One would think so, but Jurgen Klinsmann always keeps you guessing.


Starting Lineup: Miller; Okwuonu, Packwood, Strong, Ocegueda; Joya, Metzger, Pelosi; Koroma Shams, Green, Hernandez

Subs: Serna, Morris, Alashe, Kiesewetter