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Report: Ronaldinho leaves Queretaro

Now the rumor mill can really get started...

Koji Watanabe/Getty Images

It is official: Ronaldinho has parted from Queretaro. The Liga MX club confirmed the news with a press release, shortly after the player himself had bid a cheerful and gracious farewell to Mexico via just about every social media platform available to him.

The news finally frees the rumor mill - long anxious to see 'Dinho at another club - to really get started with identifying the next move for the often-controversial, rarely-dull Brazilian. In the first instance, all eyes will be on Turkey's Antalyaspor.

The Super Lig club has been very open about its transfer market ambitions as it seeks not just to build a squad capable of cementing its recently-won place in the Turkish top flight but also likely to draw respectable crowds to its brand new stadium.

Club president Gultekin Gencer has said he expects to meet with Ronaldinho's representatives, and has made it clear his intention is to try to reunite 'Dinho with former Barcelona teammate Samuel Eto'o.

Gencer seems quite aware of how unlikely this dream sounds. He recently found a way to get video of a FaceTime chat with Eto'o into the Turkish media. We now watch to see whether similarly concrete evidence of contact with Ronaldinho emerges.

But, unless Antalyaspor signs up 'Dinho almost immediately, the rumor mill will doubtless quickly throw a few other club names into the mix. Ronaldinho's name is about to get a lot of play.