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Match Predictions: New York Red Bulls vs Vancouver Whitecaps

Where we try to predict a match and see how bad we are at it.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports
Name W/L/D RBNY Vancouver Why
Alex Showell Win 2 1 Vancouver has been playing better then the Red Bulls, but the Red Bulls are due for a win in MLS play and will upset Vancouver.
Anthony Ali Loss 1 2 Vancouver is simply better than RBNY right now. With Lloyd Sam still questionable, New York might not have the creative firepower to outscore them. Hopefully the extended break gave RBNY some time to figure out a replacement.
Austin Fido Win 1 1 Vancouver has had plenty of rest but a lot of travel to get to RBA; RBNY is not so rested but at home: I think they wrestle each other to a draw.
Bobby Celentano Win 2 1 I'm basing my prediction this week from our Let's Play FIFA series. I have never attended a match where RBNY lost, so I don't see New York losing.
Jason Iapicco Win 1 0 Listen to this week's Red Bull Rant
JasonRBNY Loss 1 2 We will play discombobulated in a fun and uptempo way.
Josh Hargett Draw 2 2 Do you have any clue which RBNY team is gonna show up tonight? Neither do I.
Lester Townsend Win 6E+28 Meatwad The Red Bulls have never beaten Vancouver (I think). I like the song 99 Red Balloons.
Let's Play FIFA Win 2 1 Watch Let's Play FIFA
Pat Glodkowski Draw 1 1 Never beaten Vancouver and a tough schedule. There's more important matches out there against New York teams that we should focus on.
Patrick MacDonald Draw 1 1 Listen to this week's Red Bull Rant
RBR Guest (Eric Giacometti) Draw 2 2 Listen to this week's Red Bull Rant
Ryan Dolan Loss 0 3 As much as it pains me to choose a Canadian side, the Whitecaps have too much talent on their side. Sorry. Also, David "The Dubstep Dane" Ousted has seven shutouts this year, second in the league. That's all I have to say aboot that.
Steve Toto Loss 1 2 Vancouver has had more rest than RB the past twork weeks. Plus RB has a lot of games distracting them over the next two weeks coming up
Truman Win 2 0 Listen to this week's Red Bull Rant