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Rumor: Victoras Astafei on New York Red Bulls' radar

He's under 30 and seems to enjoy the sort of high-pressing tactics RBNY currently deploys...

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Romanian media outlets are reporting 27-year-old winger Victoras Astafei has declined offers to continue his career in his home country in favor of pursuing options in MLS. The source of this news is the player himself, as quoted by

I received a proposal to play in the championship of the United States. My dream right now is to evolve in MLS and I hope to reach the final negotiations

A source with knowledge of the player's situation has told Once A Metro that Astafei has been the subject of inquiries from the New York Red Bulls. It is said discussions have been active for most of June, though there was no suggestion of any formal offer.

Astafei is an attacking player, generally regarded as a winger. He has never played for a club outside Romania, where he has accumulated more than 100 appearances in the top flight - most recently for Petrolul Ploeisti.

Highlight reel snippets hint at what may have attracted RBNY's attention: he would appear to be a relatively quick player, comfortable pressing high up the field...

...and he has scored at least one goal for no other reason than refusing to stop challenging for the ball until it was in the net.

Astafei is currently out of contract.