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Where is Marius Obekop?

Has he returned to training?

Where are you Marius?
Where are you Marius?
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Marius Obekop hasn't made the 18 for the New York Red Bulls the past matches, nor was he on the bench for NYRB II's match against Louisville on Jun. 20.

It has been mentioned that Obekop had to travel to Cameroon to renew his visa, with the team expecting him back by last weekend.

Given Obekop's progression this season, it would be expected for him to make at least one lineup or bench over the past 3 matches. So, has Obekop returned from Cameroon? According to sources, he was not seen at first team training the past few days, but that does not mean he was absent completely. Obekop could have been training with NYRB II in that time.

The Red Bulls have not returned our requests for comment on the situation, and we will update when we know more.

One thing we do know, however, that US Department of State has reported "technical problems with visa systems" within the Bureau of Consular Affairs. And those problems have wreaked havoc on the current Caribbean Football Union qualifying tournament for CONCACAF Olympic qualifying, and may have stranded Real Salt Lake's Elias Vasquez in Guatemala. Could Obekop be caught in the same bind? He very well could.

Best of luck, Marius. Hope you're back soon.