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Report: James McClean still coy on club future, "I can keep it a secret"

The Republic of Ireland international still isn't giving much away about his next club...

Ian Walton/Getty Images

The Republic of Ireland national football team is due to play three matches in June, starting with a closed-door game against Northern Ireland on June 4. This means the squad is gathered for training camp, and the media can gather for questions - providing yet another opportunity for James McClean to be quizzed on the progress of his search for a new club.

The winger has been persistently linked with a move to MLS, most notably to the New York Red Bulls, but has refrained from commenting specifically on where he might be playing his next season, though he has been open about his intention to leave current club Wigan Athletic.

Questioned by the Irish media about his plans for the future, McClean - as reported by the Irish Independent - stuck to what has become a characteristic deflection of any invitation to reveal particular plans or ambitions regarding a new club:

As to where I might be going, that's something I don't want to answer at the minute. What will be, will be. I've got games coming up and that's my sole intention, not what happens after that.

Fair enough. There are international games to be played, as he says. Plenty of time to talk about the future once present priorities - the unofficial game against Northern Ireland, a June 7 friendly against England, and a Euro 2016 qualifier against Scotland on June 13 - are in the past.

McClean did reveal that he has been keeping fit since the season ended with the help of hometown club Derry City.

I've been with Derry and I've been working with a personal trainer. I haven't had a break yet since the season finished.

The lack of a break would suggest that if he does ultimately land in MLS - with RBNY or otherwise - it won't be until he's had a few weeks to recharge. Conveniently, since he's still under contract to Wigan Athletic, he can only move to the North American league once its secondary transfer window is open: between July 8 and August 6.

But he appears intent on keeping his plans to himself for a while. The Irish Independent's report included one McClean comment that suggested he may know a little more about his future than he is letting on:

I can keep it a secret no bother. What happens on that front happens. We've three games that I want to win so the sole focus of my attention is helping that happen.

Your prerogative, James. We'll keep guessing in the near-term, and wish you all the best for the approaching internationals and whatever the future holds when they are over.